Veg.itecture @ 16

I may have finally tapped out the well in creative titles for Vegetated Architecture. A few times warrant some more significant coverage of one project, but for the most part the groups are a someone random assortment of projects that are given a little thread of narrative to tie them loosely together. There have been more sporadic posts with similar content – as well as the wildly popular Veg.itect series featuring Nouvel, Yeang, and Sharp will continue as is – many more firms to cover on that list.

:: Brion Tomb, Carlo Scarpa – image via East Coast Architecture Review

It’s time to lay the witticisms to rest. So here’s the total list to date… a brief eulogy perhaps… and some fond memories.

1. Tasty Building/Landscape Fusions
2. Vegetated Architecture
3. New Additions
4. Super-Sized
5. Small(er)-Scale
6. Photo Gallery
7. Defining Moments
8. More New Additions
9. Building Edges
10. Caixa Forum Madrid
11. Queens Botanical Garden Visitor’s Center
12. S,M,L,XL
13. Curly + Folded
14. Flat + Graceful
15. World Tour
16. Photo Gallery 2

Part due laziness, part sheer simplicity… I’m adopting the long-standing concept of numerically ordered series. I searched back through the previous posts, and decided that there were a critical enough mass of solid posts in the true spirit of veg.itecture – so this one would begin the next post with a new thread – picking up on sweet number sixteen so the next one will be... oh, you know.

Also, I did barely begin to sort my collected imagery on the Landscape+Urbanism Image Gallery – which is starting to take the shape of a wonderful cross section of many themes… check them out, and send me anything with a smidgen of greenery you find out there in the ether.

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