Midtown Mews

A Garden of Eden Grows in Manhattan

From the blog No Land Grab, via Curbed NY… of all the April Fools ephemera – this one made me laugh the most. Enjoy!

:: image via No Land Grab

Some highlights from the project, which offers:
22 Acres of underutilized land, transformed into a vibrant*, gated enclave. (*or, vast parking lots… it depends)

:: World-worthy architecture
:: Won’t block views of itself
:: Will include some units affordable to some people if developer obtains tax-free bonds

:: image via No Land Grab

Plus added features to make you swoon…
:: 7 Acres of Green Colored Space
:: Removal of space wasted on sidewalks and streets

And my favorite from the Plan drawings:
:: Publicly Accessible Private Open Space

I love the little broccoli-like vegetated ‘hats’ as well. Mmmm. I guess if it weren’t so plausible, it wouldn’t be as funny. Happy April, fools…

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