Rooftop Play

Veering away from pure Vegetated Architecture (a bit), let’s hone in on some examples of usable green space – particularly in the realm of sports.

:: images via Marshu

While a tennis match between Agassi and Federer atop the helipad of a Dubai hotel sounds lovely (and a bit dangerous?) – there’s a number of more reasonable approaches to rooftop sport that actually include places for the crowd as well. Here are a few. A project with from Jaroslavska, Moscow by Ofis Arhitekti incorporates mixed use with a high-grade football pitch.

:: image via Dezeen

Ok, it’s not rooftop, but a fun design anyway from Will Alsop for a London cricket ground, with a ridiculous building, per usual.

:: image via WAN
The project I always turn back to when looking for great examples of on-structure sports is the quasi-rooftop waterfront of Pier 40 in NYC that has parking and multiple soccer fields.

:: image via The Villager

:: image via A VC

Or a variety of rooftop golf scenarios, with a more encompassing and fictional version (top) from Work AC, previously shown here – and a small-scale synthetic version (bottom).

:: image via NY Mag

:: image via Synthetic Turf Illinois

The idea of play can emcompass non-green, capturing usable spaces for sports courts and playgrounds, such as these rooftop playgrounds in NYC, both new (top) and old (bottom).

:: image via Unity Surfacing Systems

:: Early 1900’s era rooftop play – image via America’s Library

Guess good ideas never get old… get up there and play.

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