Secret Garden

The National Geographic Channel is set to air a show on the construction of the One Bryant Park. Titled Man Made: Ultimate Skyscraper, this series offers a rare glimpse at green building in process.

:: image via National Geographic Channel

From their press email: “National Geographic Channel gives viewers an exclusive look at the design and construction of an eco-friendly marvel: One Bryant Park, set to be the second tallest building in New York City and one of the world’s most energy-efficient skyscrapers. Follow architects and engineers as they take a modern approach to green technology, incorporating innovative new systems including an on-site power plant that will reduce the buildings energy consumption by 50 percent. Then go behind the scenes with construction workers as they dig one of the deepest foundations in midtown, lay recycled steel beams, pour environmentally friendly concrete, and build a skyscraper whose blueprints could map out a new design for our planets future.”

An aside, see Rick Cook from Cook+Fox give an overview of their office greenroof – and some information about the greenroof and water harvesting systems atop One Bryant Park. Very cool.


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