Introducing TerraScreen

We’re developing a couple of projects that will utilize green wall systems – and am always on the lookout for possible systems and technologies. In this regard, I was happy to receive a recent email from Shane Pliska, the brains behind a new living wall system called TerraScreen. Spun out of the work of Planterra, a company focusing on interior landscaping – making it a natural extension of some of their existing services.

:: image via TerraScreen

The product and the site are relatively new – so there’s not a lot of info – but a few images of the system in action.

:: image via TerraScreen

And Shane was kind enough to email me the technical manual – which I’ve snipped a few images from. Right now, the system is being developed on a per-project custom basis, so look for more of their work in the future. It is currently being manufactured and sold to the trade by Tournesol Siteworks in the mean time.

:: image via TerraScreen

Thanks Shane for the info – and looking forward to checking out more.

:: Shane with his creation – image via TerraScreen

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