Veg.itecture: VIVA Conceptual 1

There seems a never-ending parade of Veg.itectural visuals on the web… many more than I can possibly try to keep up with in any meaningful way… in less than a week, I’ve accumulated over 35 examples of projects fitting the representational characteristics of Veg.itecture in Visual Assessment (VIVA) as well as a similar amount for the Veg.itecture in Action (VIA) posts. Ah, if I only have a few extra hours of each day 🙂 So onward, with the amazement, and very few complementary words. They do speak for themselves… don’t they?

Residential/office complex, Riga, Latvia

:: image via Urban Greenery

Panda Enclosure Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide, Australia

:: image via WAN

Nouvel atrium, Chelsea, Manhattan

:: image via Urban Greenery

New Park Station

:: images via Arch Daily

Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies (CSET) – Ningbo, China

:: image via SpaceInvading

Zamet Recreation Centre – Rijeka, Croatia

:: images via WAN

Elphinstone Mills Tower, Mumbai, India

:: image via Urban Greenery

JDS Seaside Resort, Rimini, Italy

:: image via Urban Greenery

Five-Star Hotel near Shanghai, China

:: image via Urban Greenery

Milstein Hall by Rem Koolhaas, Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)

:: images via SpaceInvading

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