Veg.itecture: VIVA Evolo Skyscrapers

Nothing elicits more interesting ideas and visuals than a futuristic and visionary design competition for the 21st Century Skyscraper. That has one word: eVolo. I featured a few of the entries from last years competition – so thought I would do the same for the more veg.itectural (and there are many, as pointed out in Pruned in the form of the vegetal zeitgeist) of this years entries. What better way to get a pulse on the trends in architecture, landscape and urbanism? Click the image links for the full boards, and check out the remaining entries from this and previous years at the eVolo site.

by Kyu Ho Chun – Kenta Fukunishi – JaeYoung Lee

:: images via eVolo

SECOND PLACE – The Living Bridge

by Nicola Marchi – Adelaïde Marchi

:: images via eVolo


by Stefan Shaw – John Dent

:: images via eVolo
Nature of Nature
by Luis Longhi – Christian Bottger – Carla Tamariz

:: images via eVolo

Standing on the Ground
by Park Ju Sin – Lee Min Cheol

:: images via eVolo
by Fabrice Henninger – Alexander Dabringhausen

:: images via eVolo

Urban Nebulizer
by Jae Kyu Han – Sang Mi Park – Ji Hyun KimWoo – Young Park – Kyoung Ho Lee
:: images via eVolo

Finally, our friends at Urbanarbolismo garnered some acclaim as one of the 40 finalists to be published with their proposal for a cadre of tree-derived towers in the Mediterranean climate of the city of Benidorm. Read the full scoop at their site (translation here).

:: images via Urbanarbolismo

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