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Bustler recently announced the winning entry the international design competition to provide a vision for Toronto’s June Callwood Park. The competition was won by Toronto-based architecture and landscape design firm gh3 for their ethereal design that mixes forms of bands, waves and groves together in their entry for the ‘Super Real Forest’ – patterning light through canopies, mist, and glowing nighttime seating.

:: images via Bustler

Oh and pink… did I mention the pink? From Bustler: “…the Pink Field, the largest of the Super-Real Forest’s five clearings. Surfaced with pink elastocrete, its smooth, rubberized texture welcomes barefoot play in the summer. It is home to a range of year round activity: Frisbee, ball games, skipping, tag in the summer; snowball fights, snowmen, and snow angels in the winter.”

:: images via Bustler

Some additional images of the renderings, which are pretty stunning.

:: images via Bustler

gh3 was selected as the winner from amongst notable finalists including: Balmori & Associates and dTAH, Janet Rosenberg & Associates, and PMA Landscape Architects and Ground. Check out the full entry, descriptions and more images on Bustler.

4 thoughts on “DailyLand: June Callwood Park

  1. Yay for pink! I don’t think landscape synthetics like turf are necessarily a bad thing, except in the way they simulate (poorly) a real experience, preferring the picturesque to actual environmental inhabitation.

  2. I really struggle with this stuff. Self concious landscape architecture. Get real! To be honoust I’m glad I live in Africa and have stopped following the example of the “Western World”. Overt decadence and no sence of the basic needs man and nature. Maybe its time to dust-off our “Design with Nature”.

  3. I was wondering if you would pick this up. GH3’s competition submittal was very well crafted – an interesting design, strong graphics and a clear message. The geothermal well on the reflecting pool is a particularly clever, if technically challenging, idea.

  4. apparently the plan is based around the sine wave of a voice – saying ‘i believe in kindness’

    but who needs prospects and perspectives and all that old fashioned nonsense when you have flashy architectural concepts!

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