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An article in today’s Oregonian has a bevy of local resources for one of the cooler trends of the urban agricultural movement, garden sharing, “… a trend that appears to be spreading roots across the metro area as apartment dwellers and landowners, strangers and neighbors unite to grow their food at a time when seed sales are up and the economy down. Here’s how it works: Everyone contributes what they can, whether it’s land or labor, money or skill, and everyone shares in the bounty.”

:: image via OregonLive

The resources are amazing, including some of the following for those to check out locally or emulate in other places:

:: Portland Yard Sharing
:: The Dirt
:: City Garden Farms
:: Portland Fruit Tree Project
:: VeggieTrader
:: Portland Area CSA Coalition
:: Portland Community Gardens

One resource absent from this list was featured previously on L+U, Your Backyard Farmer, which uses land and provides gardening services of local lands in a similar fashion, for those who have space and want some bounty. Another national network mentioned is Hyperlocavore, a network for Yard Sharing around the country.

Good stuff… anyone know of some other local resources, give a shout.

2 thoughts on “Yard Sharing

  1. Thanks for letting people know about Hyperlocavore – A free yard sharing community. We can handle any English speaking group at this time. I just wanted to let you know also that the permanent link is hyperlocavore.com

    Take care!

  2. urbantilth.org is a bay area program with some links that can start people bouncing around the internet. it seems like portland should probably have some urban gleaning sites and maps, though i don’t know any of them, not being from there.

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