Interactive Architecture

This one should be done for every building designed, as part of design review.

An installation called ‘walking berlin’ by fantastic norway was recently featured on DesignBoom (go the link for much more): The walking houses are man-sized models of our latest architectural project: a tourist destination located on the northern west coast of norway. as their project depended on the idea of travelling, they decided that it was only fair that the houses got to do some travelling too! …while exploring the streets of central berlin, the walking houses chatted with the locals, danced at alexanderplatz, travelled on the u- bahn, and even shared a curry-würst with the berliners!”

:: images via DesignBoom

One thought on “Interactive Architecture

  1. Brilliant. I don’t know what it is about inanimate objects strolling about with two skinny legs dangling below, but they are always slightly comical and very amusing.

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