Garden to Go

An interesting proposal from Marie Hermansson entitled Garden to Go takes the concept of small-scale vertical farming and vending as a method of providing fresh food in cities: “G.T.G. is a self-contained mini hydroponic greenhouse the size of a vending machine; in fact that’s exactly what G.T.G. is—a very green vending machine. The purpose behind the project is partly to provide fresh produce on-site as well as provide education about a healthy diet. G.T.G. would showcase how to grow and provide great food in places where there is poor soil or no soil. On the accompanying web site community members would have an active role in deciding what their G.T.G. system would grow.

:: image via Marie Hermansson

More: “There would be various vegetable and fruit varieties available depending on the needs of that particular community. Due to problems with obesity and limited access to local produce G.T.G. could be a vital tool for non-profit organizations and government organizations in promoting and enabling a healthier society.”

:: image via Marie Hermansson

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