This WILL Cut Down on Blogging Productivity

Aside from the (at least impending) fact of summer, and general busy-ness at work – I thought I’d share my primary reason for the recent decline in blogging.

Recipe: Take one laptop. Add one dog running by and catching the cord bringing the works to the ground. The result – one really beautifully broken lcd screen (and luckily nothing else). It’s been interesting to see how the crack has evolved over time – from a sharp ‘v’ originating at the point of impact to a much more smooth organic form. The only consistency is one postage stamp sized areas in the upper left corner that offers a hint of the screen activity below.

While I do have a setup with a monitor at work – most of the blogging is done at night – and my now importable laptop makes me a stationary being. Problem hopefully to be fixed soon!

5 thoughts on “This WILL Cut Down on Blogging Productivity

  1. This must be the unspoken initiation to self employment. I dumped a cup of coffee on my laptop a month ago, still works, half the screen reads like a soggy piece of paper however.

  2. I wish all laptops had the magnetic power adapter that Mac laptops do, where the cord just pops off cleanly when dogs/kids/clumsy adults trip over the cord. I’d have replaced four laptops this summer if it wasn’t for that. Condolences!

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