1 million visitors

My blogging has tapered off recently due to going to school and running my business – but it’s still exciting to see the overall number of visitors going over 1 million, which is a wonderful landmark for the site.  I’m definitely always looking to adapt and adjust the site for maximizing my understanding of landscape and urbanism – and hope all of you keep reading!

3 thoughts on “1 million visitors

  1. I understand the tapering off of posts. Regardless, I really enjoy your blog and I will definitely keep reading. Thanks and congrats on hitting 1 million.

  2. I’m a recent graduate from the Bacholars of Environmental Design program focusing on Landscape + Urbanism at the University of Manitoba. I’m a regular visitor to the site and despite not leaving comments I assure you I’m a hugh fan. What I’m saying is keep doing what your doing there’s a lot of people you don’t know that take an immense interest in what you say.

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