The newest addition to the Terra Fluxus brand is the reintroduction of the blog Landscape+Urbanism in a new format – tied to my firm but with a separate life that allows for exploration of topics in greater detail – making a bit of breathing room between the professional and the .  There will, however, be a strong connection between the built work (showcased on the TF website) and the more abstract thoughts and explorations (to be found here).

Strangely enough, I looked back and realized that i started the original L+U blog around the same time of year over five years ago, so obviously there’s an itch that needs to be scratched in late November as winter sets in.  This is not an attempt to recreate that blog – but rather an outlet for thinking on things landscape and urbanism – of which inevitably my brain works its way back to.  I’m also phasing out of involvement with THINK.urban, so needed a spot to write and reflect a bit.


The other part of the blog is that it have a very strong connection to Portland as a subject and an inspiration, so photos, history, politics, and other activities.  My home place is the urban laboratory worthy of its name as innovation hub and catalyst for change, and there’s plenty of material just within our tight urban growth boundary to fill volumes.  It will alas be featured prominently.


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