Crazy Train

A fascinating video of the Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok, Thailand – and interesting example of shared space (or maybe more along the lines of Hou’s Insurgent Public Space) that would never happen in the safety and litigation prone United States.  Lots of info about this online via a web search, if you’re interested.

A good synopsis from Lonely Planet mentions that the market is:

“…known as Talad Rom Hoop in Thai – which roughly translates to Talad=market, Rom=awning or umbrella, and Hoop=pulling down… For most of the time, Maeklong Railway Market looks pretty much like any other street market that caters primarily to the locals – you are unlikely to get fashionable clothes and accessories. However if for some reason, you are doing marketing – the type where you go to the market to buy vegetables, meat for dinner, the Maeklong Railway Market is a good place for fresh vegetables and even sardines.”

Another clip worth checking out.

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