StreetMix – Transportation for the People

Cool video from the Code for America summit and the StreetMix application, which “…is an interactive street section builder that helps community members mockup the streets they’d like to live on and offer these mockups as future plans for city officials and planners.”

A screenshot of the tool below shows the initial concept – and be sure to give it a try, it’s super fun and easy.  The simple interface lets you add and switch street components like transit, bike, parking, trees, and other elements – even parklets – recreating actual streets (for before and after visions) or creating fantastic dream street.


A gaping omission to the toolkit are any sort of stormwater planters, bulbouts, and such — which are pretty standard issue streetscape elements nowadays – so if someone from CfA/StreetMix (or some coder out there) is listening – make that happen like, now.

Check out some demonstration (and comedy) on this video as well – a good intro to the power of the tool.

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