Recent Landscape Art from Dezeen

Great recent posts at Dezeen relating to environmental art worthy of a few links and pics.  Spurred by the recent post for an installation by Olafur Elisasson at the Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art featuring the rocky stream web winding through stark while walls.



Next is a stunning colorful installation by Pier Fabre for the Horizons Sancy art and nature festival in France.



More interior art, but with a very organic form, this installation by Henrique Oliveira at Paris’ Palais de Tokyo museum blows the mind with the transformation from structural to natural.



Shifting back to the more colorful, this well covered installation at the Tower of London called ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ by  ceramic artist Paul Cummins and set designer Tom Piper marks the 100 year anniversary of the start of WWI.  The flowers spilling out of the structure is a particularly poignant visual.



Finally, the whimsical, reminding me of some of the early Martha Schwartz work like the Necco Garden or Bagel Garden, is this use of compact discs in CDSea by designer Bruce Munro to create space within a field in the UK.




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