Books: Projective Ecologies

A recent conversation with a colleague reminded me of one of the best books of 2014 — Projective Ecologies, a collaboration between Chris Reed and Nina-Marie Lister that brought together a number of essays both new and old an framed the ideas in some interesting ways.


You can also read an adaptation of this first chapter from this article in Design Observer from mid-April.  The book has been covered by other places, such as a quick guest post overview here in The Dirt.

Fold out paper maps and diagrams are stuffed in a pocket in the back of the volume – to show some more detail on images found in the books thematic interludes, which are ready made for some LA student studio desk.

There was some redundancy of essays that were previous published elsewhere, that are maybe worth a re-read – but the new content is worth the time for perhaps the necessary extension of the dialogue on Landscape Urbanism from a few years back, both in new ideas and relevant old ideas.

As with most things it makes sense to break it down into pieces so an essay by essay overview seems in order.  Anyone else reading this or read it last year, feel free to contribute ideas in the comments section?  I’ll periodically post some ideas from the essays.

3 thoughts on “Books: Projective Ecologies

  1. cool. I will go back and reread chunks and let you know my thoughts. I do recall reading several of the essays and wondering what others in the design/scientific world thought about them. plus, it will give me a chance to use really big, academicky words.

    thanks for posting, Jason.

    1. Great Mike. You were the impetus for me finally posting, and it’s great after the first read to revisit some of the essays again. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and others.

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