Some recent highlights, presentations, publications, etc.

10.19.17 |  Green Roofs Support The Salmon Ecosystem in the Northwest | Speaker: Cities Alive Conference, Seattle WA

09.02.17  |  Greener Belltown = Bluer Sound Workshop  |  2030 District, Seattle WA

08.16.17  | Imagine an “ecological certification” for urban design. What are such a certification’s key elements?  |  Roundtable Contributor: The Nature of Cities

07.07.17  |   Crossing the Design-Science Divide  |  Article: The Nature of Cities

06.07.17  |  Crossing the Design-Science Divide | Speaker: 2017 International Urban Wildlife Conference, San Diego, CA

04.21.17  |  Hidden Hydrology as Ecological Inspiration: Exploring Buried Creeks and Disappeared Streams as a Tool for Regenerative Planning and Design Strategies | Speaker:  2017 Washington ASLA Annual Conference, Spokane, WA

01.24.17  |  You say po-TAY-to. What ecologists and landscape architects don’t get about each other, but ought to | Roundtable Contributor: The Nature of Cities

10.03.16  |  Regulatory Trends and Pending Policy, Portland and San Francisco  |  Moderator:  2016 Ecoroof Symposium, Portland, OR

06.15.16  |  Winning The Stormwater Game: Green Infrastructure Planning & Design  |  Speaker:  USGBC Cascadia Collaborative, Seattle, WA 

02.24.16  |  Design Thinking: Using Integrated Green Infrastructure to Shape our Urban Future | Keynote Speaker: 2016 Puget Sound Green Infrastructure Summit, Seattle, WA

05.21.14  |  Design+Science: Linking Green Roof Research to Practice | Speaker:  2014 Ecoroof Symposium, Portland, OR