Integrating Habitats: A Competition

Phew. So i seem to have forgotten the toll on everything that occurs when one agrees to enter and invest in a competition, specifically those done on one’s own time. The Integrating Habitats Competition I was working on finished on Monday – thus the long delay in posts. See a small version of our entry board below:

Competitions are a funny thing. Having only entered a few in my lifetime, it’s a interesting duality of visionary design, detachment from a certain reality, and the ability to express ideas in a forum much different from the normal day-to-day operations. In a certain way, it’s a lot like school – not just the late nights and not being able to shut off your brain thinking about it – but the way in which you are thinking on a different level. Sometimes it is a higher level – expanding where perhaps not-profitable in a regular project. Sometimes its a bit lower – detaching from reality to a degree where sometimes anything goes. Is the idea to general viable projects or to generate ideas?

Either way, i’m ready for the next one in about 6 months… and looking to reflect on this in more detail after i’ve had a chance to forget about it. For information on a totally different competition – just revealed, go the The Park at the Center of the World competition page, featuring entries by Field Operations, West 8, Hargreaves, WRT, and REX. I will post more after i’ve had a chance to absorb them in greater detail.

(note: in the interim before judging, i took this post down because it had our entry, but now that winners have been announced, here ’tis.) Check out the upcoming post for more detail on the entry.

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