Ballard Library – Seattle

Recently, I stumbled upon a regional blog Pacific Northwest Regional Architecture, which, upon perusal, had a couple of pics of what I think is one of the finest examples of vegetated rooftops anywhere — The Ballard Library in Seattle, by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. A few photos, that pretty much speak for themselves…

:: images via PNWRA

Solving the perpetual problems associated with green roofs that no one can see, this project offers a unique ‘periscope’ access to see the roof from ground level, as well as playground-like bubbles to give a sedums-eye view of the roof, and well, just sheer succulant beauty. Props to Swift + Company for the landscape architecture as well. Some additional photos via the BCJ website:

:: images via BCJ

And to show it’s not entirely about the roof, the architecture ain’t half bad… plus some custom site furnishings to top it off.

:: images via BCJ

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