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A few interesting new blogs that have either been pointed out to me or I’ve stumbled upon in the last weeks… do you have a blog that would be worth a cross-link? Let me know.

Fitting nicely into the Veg.itectural, I got an email from blogger Will Gorman about his blog ‘Cleaner Air through Green Roofs’ – featuring, obviously content: “…dedicated to the green roof, better air quality and air pollution prevention. Green roofs appear to be the most cost-effective solution to control urban air pollution and help manage storm water run-off.”

A tumblr variety, People and Place offers some good inspiration and frequency – with a simple format and a relatively broad set of ideas related to landscape architecture content. I’m not sure what I think of this short content sites – as they seem limiting, but it’s interesting to see (as I remain steadfastly and blissfully Twitter-free) the variety of methods of communication from the vast to the fast.

And finally, PlantWerkz, aimed at featuring ‘architecturally beautiful plants’ strikes a chord with me – either in tone or by tapping my modernist desire for the unnaturally natural.

2 thoughts on “3 New Blogs

  1. thanks… hadn’t heard of it but have it on the blogroll and links… there’s some interesting stuff, and I like the idea of a online venue for sharing work – different from a blog – more an ezine.

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